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Unleashing the Power of Faith in 2024

Hey Sunshine,

This Sunday, I heard a powerful message and wanted to share some of my takeaways with you!!! Welcome to Vision Week 2024! 🌟 This year, we're diving deep into the essence of faith, purpose, and, of course, the exciting journey ahead. With the kickoff of “Walk with Jesus, Grow with Purpose” launching this Saturday, February 3rd, I just HAD to share this with you!

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✨ Living on Purpose with a Sprinkle of faith ✨

This year, we're turning up the volume on our prayers—because the bigger, the better! Say goodbye to tears, and hello to a year filled with purpose and joy. We're not here to be normal; we're here to be different. Stay humble, stay hungry, and let's embrace grateful discomfort, knowing every extra effort spreads the love of Jesus! This world is cruel, let’s be kind. 😘

📖 Do you have a word of the year? If not, try DEVOTED on for size! 📖

2024 is all about devotion. What does God want from ME this year? Just ask. Picture the excitement, faith, and purpose of the early church—miracles, presence, and the profound stories they'd tell. That's the dream for us, for our families. By the end of the year, what is the story you will be telling? I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to share about all of the things that God did in and through me. 🙌🏽

Now you might be asking how? How do I show up or hear from God? How do I stay devoted this year? I encourage you read Acts 2:42-47, we are reminded of the actions the apostles were devoted to and how we can learn and be encouraged to show up the same way! Keep reading to learn the actions you can take to be devoted:

💫 Show Up, Shine Bright 💫

Hebrews 10:25 reminds us to show up! We are meant to do life together, to encourage one another. We don’t just go to church, we are the church. We are need to show up for each other. You never know how your worship is going to encourage someone or how your smile could pull someone out of a dark thought. There are so many things we dedicate ourselves to in this life, but it doesn’t leave a legacy that we want to leave someday like showing up in the walk God has called you to do! So, show up!

🤝 Get Into Groups, Because Life's Better Together 🤝

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 teaches us the power of helping each other, we are truly better together!! Discipleship is about lifting each other up, breaking bread, and praying together. Help me, help you—it's a beautiful cycle. I know I am thankful for the ones who looked back to lend me a helping hand, now I have the opportunity to extend a helping hand to another single mama who may need me. Who needs you right now? Be the person you needed.

🙏 Prayer: Let's Turn Talk Into Action 🙏

2 Chronicles 7:14 challenges us to move beyond just talking about prayer. Devote yourself to doing it, and expect God-sized results. Keep a prayer journal, and watch as God works wonders.

🌎 Give, Serve, and Change the World 🌍

Bringing our tithe is a testament to building God's Kingdom. In Malachi 3:10, God says to test him in this area of our lives. Serve one another, and watch the world change. Generations will reap the benefits of your "Yes" to God. So excited to lock arms with you, step out on faith, and be chain breakers!!!

💌 Inviting: The Evangelistic Game-Changer 💌

Personal invites change lives. Be the Andrew who invited Peter. If you don’t know that story - it’s where Andrew invited his brother, Peter, to hear Jesus speak & he (Peter) ended up starting The Church because of one invite! People can't experience salvation and transformation if they weren't invited. So, who are you inviting to join you this week?

Remember, God doesn't get a trophy for the things we choose to do in this life; we get transformed lives. Let's experience His presence, purpose, and passion together.

Step into the year with purpose, passion, and a sprinkle of excitement—because we are the church, fueled by God's horsepower to move His Word forward and make heaven a little more crowded!

🌈 Faithfully Yours,

Coach April

Certified Life and Performance Coach

& Your Favorite Wellness Partner

P.S. Ready to turn this vision into reality? Join our new faith-based wellness program for a year that transforms your life. Sign up now!


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