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Faith-Fueled Wellness Journey: Walk with Jesus, Grow with Purpose

Hey Sunshine,

I am overflowing with excitement as I share with you the upcoming launch of "Walk with Jesus, Grow with Purpose," a faith-based wellness program that promises a transformative journey over the next four months.

This program is more than just a wellness initiative; it's a holistic approach to growth that intertwines faith, mental strength, physical vitality, community support, and accountability. The FIRST call starts on February 3rd, 2024! Here's a glimpse into this faith-fueled adventure:

Walk with Jesus, Grow with Purpose: A Faith-Fueled Wellness Journey

1. Scriptural Connection:

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of meaningful scriptures for daily guidance. This foundational step is designed to foster a deeper connection with Jesus, laying the spiritual groundwork for your transformative journey. Living a God-first life.

2. Mindful Mental Growth:

Cultivate mental strength through prayer, gratitude, and positive affirmations. Unlock the power of a resilient mindset that will guide you through life's challenges with grace and strength.

3. Physical Vitality:

Learn how to nourish your body as a temple with balanced nutrition, engaging fitness routines, and self-care practices. This holistic approach ensures that your well-being is addressed from every angle, promoting overall health and vitality.

4. Community & Accountability:

Join a supportive community and share your journey with like-minded individuals. The power of accountability fuels collective growth, creating a network of encouragement and support that will uplift you throughout this journey. We are better together!

5. Integrated Routines:

Craft manageable routines that align your faith with daily life. This ensures that spiritual, mental, and physical growth become a consistent and harmonious journey, creating lasting positive habits.

6. Wellness Tracker:

Track your progress seamlessly with our included wellness tracker. Celebrate your achievements and stay motivated as you witness your growth unfold over the course of this transformative program.

7. 4-Month Program:

Experience transformative growth with our four-month journey, featuring one-hour weekly calls. These calls will take place on Saturday mornings at 7 am MT (8 am CT & 9 am EST), providing a dedicated time for reflection, learning, and community engagement.

Ready to begin walking on the path to becoming the best version of yourself—mentally, physically, and spiritually—with Jesus as your guide? I know I am, and I invite you to join me on this incredible journey.

How to Join:

Start your journey of self-discovery and growth by signing up here. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to walk alongside a supportive community, nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.

For those who may have missed the kickoff call, we've got you covered! Click here to listen and catch the essence of what's in store for you.


This program is $600, and for the first 10 sign-ups, enjoy a 50% discount using code: FAITH50. Take a leap of faith and invest in your well-being.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out. Let's start on this meaningful journey together.

Let's shine bright together on this wellness journey.

Shine Bright,

April Adams

Certified Life and Performance Coach & Your favorite Wellness Partner


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