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Building the Kingdom: Lessons from the Kingdom Builders Series

In a recent sermon on November 19, 2023, Pastor Jimmy delved into the essence of the Kingdom Builders Series, emphasizing that treasures lie within the heart. Let's explore the key insights shared during this powerful message.

Living the Great Commission:

The foundation of the Kingdom Builders Series revolves around living out the Great Commission, with the primary goal of establishing Heaven on Earth. Pastor Jimmy stressed that believers are not merely attendees at a church; instead, they embody the Kingdom of God in motion.

Worship as Currency:

Referencing Genesis 22:1-5, the sermon highlighted the significance of worship as the currency for building the Kingdom of God. It was emphasized that worship is not confined to a place or time but should be a continuous lifestyle—an expression of faith in action.

Applying the Kingdom in Everyday Life:

The sermon challenged believers to consider how the Kingdom of God can manifest in various aspects of life, such as the workplace, relationships, and even in the city. Pastor Jimmy urged the congregation to take charge and actively bring the Kingdom to these areas.

Adopting the Culture of Father Abraham:

Drawing parallels to the life of Father Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3, the sermon encouraged adopting a culture similar to that of Father Abraham, who, despite coming from a mundane background, embraced the promise that God would use him to bless all families on Earth.

Currency Exchange in God's House:

The concept of currency exchange was likened to the idea of exchanging gifts and talents in the house of God. The sermon suggested that, just like at Chuck-e-cheese, believers can exchange their story, gifts, talents, and finances in the house of God.

Your Story as God's Plan:

The sermon underscored the importance of sharing personal stories and emphasized that individuals are God's plan. By sacrificing shame and telling our stories, we contribute to God's larger plan, just as seen in the stories of Rehab and David.

God's Place - The Church:

Genesis 22:2 highlighted Moriah as the place of worship. The sermon connected this to Malachi's teachings on bringing gifts into the storehouse and emphasized that where our treasure is, there our heart is also found.

A Kingdom Perspective:

Pastor Jimmy urged believers to adopt God's Kingdom perspective, emphasizing that vision is derived from God's viewpoint. Genesis 22:3-5 illustrated that God brings individuals out of challenging situations for a purpose.

The sermon concluded with a powerful reminder that our last becomes our first for what comes next. The call to worship, the acknowledgment of personal testimony, and the understanding that each person is a living, breathing, walking testimony formed the core of this inspirational message.

Such a powerful reminder that your story matters!


Notes taken by: April Adams

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