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31 Life Lessons: A Birthday Reflection on Living with Purpose

Hey Sunshine,

Today, I celebrated another year of life – a day that was simple, amazing, and filled with the love of God, free treats, and the company of those dear to my heart, here to study God’s word.

As I reflect on these 31 years, I wanted to share the invaluable takeaways that have shaped my journey.

Here are 31 lessons I wanted to share to live with purpose, on purpose:

1. Faith Over Fear: Confront your fears head-on, choosing faith as your guide.

2. Divine Action: Act on what God has placed on your heart; His guidance is your compass.

3. Pray Through All Seasons: Maintain a constant connection with prayer, in both good and challenging times.

4. Never Settle for Less: Set high standards for yourself and your life; never accept anything less.

5. Vital Solo Parenting: Solo parenting is tough but essential for safety and the well-being of your children.

6. Live Life Boldly: Embrace life with boldness, seizing every opportunity with excitement.

7. Kindness is Priceless: Extend kindness freely; it costs nothing but means everything.

8. Sobriety and Joy: Sobriety isn’t a compromise on happiness; you can still find joy without sacrificing fun.

9. Reflect Your Circle: You are a reflection of the top five people you spend your time with; choose wisely.

10. Hope in Every Situation: Find hope in every circumstance; it is a guiding light even in the darkest times.

11. Purpose in Every Event: Everything happens for a reason; seek lessons and purpose in each experience.

12. Blessing in Everyday: Even on challenging days, there is a blessing waiting to be discovered; sometimes, you just need to look harder.

13. Resilient Children: Your children are resilient; trust in their strength and adaptability.

14. Self-Love and Time: Prioritize time for yourself and cultivate self-love; you deserve it.

15. Be the Change: Actively contribute to positive change; be the change you wish to see in the world.

16. Personal Growth First: Focus on your personal growth before influencing others positively.

17. It's Okay Not to Be Okay: Acknowledge when you're not okay, but don’t linger in that state; keep moving forward.

18. Alcohol Isn't a Solution: Seek solutions beyond alcohol; it won’t solve life’s challenges.

19. Control Your Response: The only thing you can control is yourself – how you respond and react.

20. Joy Protection: No one can steal your joy without your consent; safeguard it.

21. Self-Love Precedes Love: To receive love properly from others, love yourself properly first.

22. Live Life Well: Life is too short; live it well and purposefully.

23. Set Boundaries: Establish and uphold boundaries; even if it pushes some away, it preserves your well-being.

24. We Aren't Fixers: We're not here to fix others; focus on your journey.

25. Wise Companionship: Choose your companions wisely; they shape your path.

26. Waiting on Your Boaz: Patience in relationships is key; wait for the right partner.

27. Experiences Over Materials: Prioritize meaningful experiences over material possessions for lasting fulfillment.

28. Chase Your Dreams Early: Wake up early and actively pursue your dreams; the choice is yours.

29. Budget Wisely: Create and adhere to a budget; guide your finances purposefully.

30. Ask Questions, Listen: Ask questions and listen actively.

31. Seeing People for Who They Are: People show you who they are; it's up to you to see it.

I hope these takeaways inspire and resonate with you on your life journey as much as they've encouraged me. Here's to another year of purposeful growth and learning. 💛🤟🏽

Continue to Shine Bright,

April Adams

Certified Life & Performance Coach

Your Optimistic Wellness Partner


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