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Redefining the Race: Breaking free from the illusion of "Behind"

Being sick this past week has made me feel behind. When I expressed this to my Life Coaching Master accountability group they asked me, “behind who?”

Such a powerful question. Who am I behind? Am I running someone else’s race?? In all actuality, I’m not behind. I’m just not where I thought I should be. I am running my own race, my own marathon.

If your brain can convince you that you are behind and that there is no way of catching up, you won’t do what it takes to get just a little bit better today.

Did you know that if you have learned one thing today, that means you are ahead of where you were yesterday.

When we think about “behind” we are comparing ourselves to someone or something else. I’m only behind when I’m running someone else’s race!

Do you struggle with the feeling of “being behind?” If so, I challenge you to look at it differently. What is one thing you are going to learn and take action on today? Share it with me!

Shine Bright,

Coach April

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