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From Chaos to Clarity: A Personal Transformation Journey

In today's blog post, let's dive into a heartfelt reflection on a pivotal moment that occurred exactly 5 years ago. On December 17, 2018, Coach April found herself in the midst of chaos—going through a messy divorce, feeling unhappy, and being the worst version of herself. However, this date also marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards self-discovery and a higher quality of life.

5 years ago, I was trying to give my girls the best Christmas, paying for a house we weren’t living in, contributing to the house we were staying in while in hiding - It was a mess.

I’ll never forget when I couldn’t afford to invest in myself. I was stretched so thin, but somehow I would find money for things I really wanted like a new purse or that 6-pack.

Finally, I had a conversation with myself and lots of prayers with Jesus and realized that I could not afford to stay the same.

That was the day I started to invest in my quality of life and from there I have FOUND THE BEST VERSION OF ME.

Day 1 of moving my body, adjusting my nutrition, and taking one step at a time towards trusting the path God had me on.

I want to take this moment to encourage YOU to start investing in your quality of life. It just takes a decision and action. I would love to meet you where you’re at and start your journey!

Receive $25 off and a free 1:1 goal-setting call. Comment or message me for details. Remember, you are the best project you’ll ever work on. Let’s take that first step together!

Everyone has the power to transform their lives, including YOU! Take that step towards working on a brighter future.

You're invited to connect with Coach April on Facebook, Instagram, and on TikTok to see her transformative journey firsthand, and if inspired, to start your jouney to Shine Bright!

By: Coach April



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