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A Joyful Guide to Beginning Your Bible Reading Journey

Starting the journey of reading the Bible for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. The sheer size of the book and the wealth of information it contains might leave newcomers wondering where to start. If you've recently acquired your first Bible and are eager to dive into the transformative words within, fear not! This blog is your guide to navigating the Scriptures.

Whether you're seeking a place to begin or wondering which books will offer a gentle introduction to the teachings of Christ, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll break down the steps for those who are taking their first steps into the rich Word of God. Sharing the importance of diving into the scriptures with an open mind and heart, inviting growth with the Word of God.

Beginner-Friendly Books

  • Genesis

   - Dive into the creation through the opening chapters of Genesis.

   - Explore the lives of the patriarchs, uncovering foundational stories that shape biblical history.

  • Mark (New Testament)

   - Navigate the New Testament with the Gospel of Mark, offering a straightforward narrative of Jesus' life, teachings, and miracles.

   - Embrace the simplicity of Mark's account to gain a clear understanding of Jesus' ministry.

  • Psalms

   - Immerse yourself in the poetic beauty and emotional depth of Psalms.

   - Reflect on personal prayers and praises as you connect with the heartfelt expressions found in this collection.

  • Proverbs

   - Dive into the wisdom literature of Proverbs, filled with practical advice for daily living.

   - Highlight the concise and easily applicable verses that offer timeless insights.

Reading Tips

   - Consistent Reading: Set up a regular reading schedule to cultivate a joyful habit of engaging with the scriptures. Set an alarm or mark your calendar for a daily schedule.

   - Take Notes: Let's make it fun! Jot down questions, insights, and personal reflections in your Bible journal. My new favorite thing is to do Bible Mapping. I'll be sharing what I've learned on Bible Mapping in our next Group Coaching Call. Join "Walk with Jesus, Grow with Purpose" here.

   - Use Study Bibles: Explore versions with helpful footnotes and contextual explanations to make your reading experience even more enjoyable and enlightening.

Group Discussion

   - Joining a Bible study group provides valuable support and diverse perspectives.

   - Share thoughts, questions, and revelations with fellow seekers, creating a lively community of shared exploration.


   - Let's infuse your reading sessions with prayer! Start and end each session by seeking guidance and understanding from the One who inspired the scriptures.

   - Keep it simple by using the P.R.A.Y. acronym: Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield.

   - Emphasize the power of connecting with God through intentional and joyful prayer.

Progress Evaluation

   - Regularly assess your progress and understanding of the scriptures.

   - Adjust your reading plans based on your comfort, interest, and the leading of the Holy Spirit with a joyful heart.

Next Steps

   - Keep the joy alive! Explore other books of the Bible as your confidence and familiarity grow.

   - Consider adding extra sparkle to your readings with commentaries or study guides for deeper insights.

   - You're invited to join "Walk with Jesus, Grow with Purpose" for a Biblical way to connect scripture with life coaching to push past limiting beliefs and unlock your full potential, stepping into the purpose God has placed in you!


Beginning your journey of consistent Bible reading holds the power to deepen your connection. This guide serves as a delightful approach for beginners, focusing on foundational books and practical tips for joyfully engaging with the Word of God. May your exploration of the scriptures lead to ongoing discovery and profound spiritual growth. Happy reading!

Shine Bright, always.

April Adams

Certified Life & Performance Coach

Your Optimistic Wellness Partner


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